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Treat systems building


Treat Systems develops the most innovative and comprehensive software solution for antimicrobial stewardship. You can learn more about us here.


Treat Systems is a dynamic Danish company focused on antimicrobial stewardship. We develop and market TREAT Steward. TREAT Steward combines and supports all aspects of antimicrobial therapy in clinical practice. Treat Systems´ expertise lies in the understanding of both the clinical- and technical aspects of antimicrobial stewardship, and combines this knowledge into innovative product development for the benefit of patients, clinicians, hospitals, and society. Treat Systems has extensive knowledge of- and experience with health informatics, decision support and data mining technologies and uses this to provide the best and most comprehensive Antimicrobial Stewardship solution on the market.
Our driving force in the development of TREAT Steward is to improve the treatment of patients with infections, while maintaining the effectiveness of current antimicrobial treatments for the treatment of future generations.

Our history begins with a physician's desire to improve the often life-saving antimicrobial treatment of infectious patients. In 1994, Prof. Leonard Leibovici from Tel Aviv University met with Prof. Steen Andreassen from Aalborg University and discussed what could be done to solve a concerning problem that Prof. Leibovici had identified:

"- No matter where he looked, only about 60% of all patients with suspected acute infection received effective empirical antimicrobial therapy"

This was the beginning of extensive research- and innovation activities related to the development of TREAT Steward, a revolutionary decision support system for antimicrobial treatment. The development of the commercial product continued in cooperation with the Danish company Judex: a company with many years of experience in the development of healthcare technology. In 2000, The European Union granted funding for the TREAT project. This lead to a large cluster-randomized controlled trial finalized in 2006. The study showed that access to TREAT could significantly raise the percentage of patients receiving covering empirical antimicrobial treatment. In 2008, the company Treat Systems was established through the means of both private- and governmental investors, with all further development tasks carried out within this company.

Treat Systems develops the solution that is TREAT Steward – today’s most powerful Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, combining and supporting all aspects of antimicrobial treatment in clinical practice.