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Treat Systems develops a powerful Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, combining and supporting all aspects of antimicrobial treatment in clinical practice.

A dynamic Danish company focused on improving antibiotic treatment

We develop and market TREAT, which combines and supports all aspects of antimicrobial therapy in clinical practice. Treat Systems´ expertise lies in the understanding of both the clinical and technical aspects of antimicrobial stewardship, and apply this knowledge into innovative product development for the benefit of patients, clinicians, hospitals, and societies. Treat Systems has extensive knowledge and experience with health informatics, decision support and data mining technologies and uses this to provide the best and most comprehensive Antimicrobial- and Diagnostic Stewardship solution on the market.

Our driving force in the development of TREAT is to improve the treatment of patients with infections, while maintaining the effectiveness of current antimicrobial treatments for the treatment of future generations.

Our history begins with a physician's desire to improve the often life-saving antimicrobial treatment of infectious patients. In 1994, Prof. Leonard Leibovici from Tel Aviv University met with Prof. Steen Andreassen from Aalborg University and discussed what could be done to solve a concerning problem that Prof. Leibovici had identified:

"- No matter where he looked, only about 60% of all patients with suspected acute infection received effective empirical antimicrobial therapy"

This was the beginning of extensive research- and innovation activities related to the development of TREAT, a revolutionary decision support system for antimicrobial treatment. The development of the commercial product continued in cooperation with the Danish company Judex: a company with many years of experience in the development of healthcare technology. In 2000, The European Union granted funding for the TREAT project. This led to a large cluster-randomized control trial finalized in 2006. The study showed that access to TREAT could significantly raise the percentage of patients receiving covering empirical antimicrobial treatment. In 2008, the company Treat Systems was established through the means of both private- and governmental investors, with all further development tasks carried out within the company.

Vision and Mission

Treat Systems - Mission and Vission

At Treat Systems, we have one driving force:

Unleashing the power of healthcare data to provide software solutions supporting antimicrobial and diagnostic stewardship

To accommodate this objective, we have set out sub-goals, to ensure that our products is having the best impact for you.

  • Lower the rate of inappropriate  antimicrobial treatments and improve compliance with hospital guidelines
  • Lower the spread of resistant microbes
  • Evaluate and follow-up on clinical performance
  • Support the education of healthcare providers in appropriate antimicrobial use and diagnostics
  • Reduce healthcare costs and improve awareness of antimicrobial resistance problem
  • Save lives and reduce the number of bed days

Meet our team

Our interdisciplinary team consists of medical research engineers, data analysts, software developers, architects and graphical designers and we are ready to deliver high-impact results in context of research activities, concept design, solution development, validation, or dissemination of scientific results. As part of a research consortium, Treat Systems is interested in providing expertise in AI/ML, software design and architecture, data engineering and analytics, as well as regulatory compliance. Treat Systems’ current research and development activities focus on adapting and developing existing tools for care management, risk-based stratification or predictive analytics that could inform on the rational choice of antibiotic therapy and support clinical management and infection prevention plans.

Chief Executive Officer | M.Sc., Ph.D.

Mads Lause Mogensen

Mads operates at Treat Systems as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With his education as an engineer specializing in health technology and medical systems, Mads has an excellent clinical understanding of most relevant topics, including clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. Mads focus on company management including all daily operations, finances, human resources, marketing, strategic partnerships, and contracting. Mads also has strong innovation responsibilities and takes part in the product development of TREAT. Before joining Treat Systems Mads was employed at Aalborg University where he was awarded his Ph.D. in 2011. Mads has participated in writing 16 scientific publications in various international peer-reviewed journals.

R&D Lead | Product Specialist | M.Sc., Ph.D.

Logan Ward

Logan is the R&D Lead at Treat Systems and is responsible for new scientific research, including the design of clinical studies, and development of new products. Logan has been involved with health IT research since 2012, with a particular focus on risk assessment models for suspected sepsis. Throughout his Ph.D. fellowship, Logan collaborated with Treat Systems and was awarded a Post-Doc grant by the Innovation Fund Denmark to continue his research at Treat Systems, developing the result of his Ph.D. into a commercially viable product. In addition to research, Logan has also been involved with documenting and testing to ensure regulatory compliance under the Medical Device Directive, and the new Medical Device Regulation. His main work areas are development of physiological models and associated decision support systems, data exploration and visualization, scientific writing, dissemination of research findings, specification of IT based solutions for Antimicrobial/Diagnostic Stewardship, regulatory compliance documentation including risk assessment and test protocols.

Senior Software Developer

Tommy Jensen

Tommy is the lead software developer at Treat Systems. Through his top-up program for graduates of the Academy Profession Degree Programme in Computer Science and experience working at Treat Systems and other companies, Tommy has developed a keen understanding of the underlying codebase of our products. Tommy is responsible for maintenance and new development of all TREAT software. Tommy has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the technical and theoretical aspects of software development. He has excessive knowledge upon database types, the role of contracts in the system development process, methods and tools for integration between systems, project management, distributed design and development, configuration and release management as well as test models and test planning.

Chairman of the board

Steen Andreassen

Steen is the chairman of the board of Treat Systems. Steen has during his time at Aalborg University, since 1986, led research work on a number of medical decision support systems, all of which have reached the stage of clinical trials. Each system is based on physiological models and decision support. He has been a systems architect for Munin, a system for the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases, and for DIAS and Glucosafe, systems for advice on insulin dose adjustments in diabetic patients and intensive care patients. Moreover, Steen was the coordinator of a four-year EU-funded project to develop the foundation of TREAT together with Prof. Leonard Leiboivici and Prof. Mical Paul from Tel Aviv University.

Board Member

Jan Gorm Lisby

Gorm is a board member of Treat Systems and is chief of the Molecular Diagnostics Section of the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, and has more than 15 years’ experience in diagnostics and treatment of severe infections. Gorm´s main interest is diagnostic and treatment strategy and technology development, and he has extensive experience in sepsis diagnostics.

Board Member

Liselotte Terp

Liselotte is a board member of Treat System and is private investor

Board Member

Michael Jakobsen

Michael is a board member of Treat System and comes with broad package of knowhow of sales and technology development within the health care sector  

Career options

We are constantly looking for new innovative thinkers for our team. Feel free to apply for one or more positions down below:

Cannot find a position suited for you?

Feel free to send your CV and a cover letter, explaining your interest in being a part of our team, to: info@treatsystems.com, and we will contact you, if we have a suited position.


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